What is Giclée Fine Art Printing?

Giclée Fine Art Printing was first introduced as a term by French print-maker Jack Duganne in the early 90’s.  Duganne modified a large format prepress proofing inkjet printer to produce fine art prints.  Inkjet printers work by tiny nozzels spray ink on to the substrate you are using.  Giclée is based on the French word gicleur which is the technical term for jet or nozzel and the verb ‘gicler’ meaning ‘to squirt out’.

In modern terms Giclée Fine Art Printing is classed as the best of digital printing.  It uses archival paper and pigment based inks printed at an exceptionally high DPI (dots per inch).  This creates unbelievably detailed prints.  Modern office inkjet printers use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Black, Yellow) inks to make up the image.  Top quality Giclée printers can also include grey, green, light cyan, light magenta and light grey.


What Giclée Fine Art Printing do one69A Offer?

We have two Epson large format printers at one69A and can print up to B0 in size using the full spectrum of ink.  Epson are renowned in making some of the best printers in the world.  The word Epson is the abbreviation of “Son of Electronic Printer” and they created the first ever electronic  printer in 1968.

Hahnemühle Fine Art is our main paper supplier and they were founded in 1584 in Dassel, Germany.  With such a long history Hahnemühle are true leaders in paper technology.  We first used Hahnemühle paper for a screen printing job and were amazed by the quality and how the ink sat on the paper.  Once we bought our first Epson printer Hahnemühle with the first paper through it.

With quality also comes price so we do have alternative papers and substrates in stock.  We have a wonderful 230gsm matt bond paper for a great finish at a mid-range price.  260gsm glossy photo paper, 280gsm cotton canvas and acetate.

Whatever you need printing, we can find the right stock for you.  Have a look at our Giclée Fine Art Printing page on the website.


Giclée Printing Case Studies

Stock Exchange Hotel – Manchester

The Manchester Stock Exchange was built in the early 1900’s and used as a Stock Exchange until 2000.  It was bought by Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs of Manchester United fame in 2013.  They have renovated the building and turned it into a 35 room boutique hotel.  Ruth Davis of Elastic Space was employed to fill thew hotel with art.  Ruth unearthed a collection of photos and plans that she scanned, re-worked and sent to us for printing.  We worked closely with Ruth to complete over 300 prints of various sizes in a short space of time.  The hotel opened in November 2019 and it looks fabulous.


Cunning Craftsman

Chris Dorning aka The Cunning Craftsman is one of our favorite illustrators and welcome guest to the studio.  Chris is a master of quite a few creative practices.  He is an illustrator, drawer, painter and graffiti artist.  We have been printing his work for five years and can’t wait for the next masterpiece to be sent our way.  Chris’s style, colours and compositions look great on the Hahnemühle Bright White Photo Rag Paper.  Check his work at http://www.thecunningcraftsman.co.uk


New Analog / Bluedot Festival

We have worked with Toby from New Analog on a multitude of screen prints.  Sharing our knowledge of artwork separations, bit-mapping and paper.  As well as screen prints Toby has produced some brilliant digital prints for many big names in the music industry.  We work closely with Toby through all areas of the printing business.  One of our favorite prints is this A0 we completed for Bluedot Festival at Jodrel Bank Observatory in Cheshire.