Fulfillment / Distribution

What can we offer?

We offer a complete fulfillment and distribution service of printed garments and printed paper products we produce in the studio. This allows you to not worry about sending out the products you sell.

All that can be done for you!

How it works…

There are two ways that our distribution service works.

The first is to order a stock of garments that we store in the studio. We distribute these when you receive an order from your online store.  This option works well with screen printing. The price per garment costs less with screen printing when ordering larger numbers.

The second option is for us to print the garment or product when you get an order.  All you need to do is forward the order to us and we print it to the specification you have provided.   This works better with DTG printing as it works with small runs and multiple colours.

If you are selling digital paper prints we will print to order.

Online Store Front

You do not need your own online store, we can provide a page on our DTGMCR website:  www.dtgmcr.com

If you do have a store front, we can still put your products on our online store.  It is another place for people to view and buy your products.


If you send orders through your own online store we will invoice you at the end of each month.

When selling through our DTGMCR website we will send you total sales at the end of the month and forward the profit you have earned.

If you are interested in our fulfillment and distribution service please drop us a call on 0161 302 2842 or email us on [email protected]  We can discuss options with you and get things up and running.