Educational projects, courses and workshops

We deliver a variety of projects, courses and workshops across the north-west and beyond. With a well established, far-reaching education programme, we work with a broad spectrum of esteemed organisations, artists and makers.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a technique that uses a mesh and a negative stencil to print a repeatable image.  A squeegee is used to press ink through the mesh to create the print on a surface.

There are two screen printing methods we can use. Either the “lo-fi” method  – in which we cut shapes out of paper to use for the stencil or alternately more complex method that uses photosensitive emulsion and exposure lamps to produce the stencil.

Either way, screen printing is one of the most versatile printing methods around. It can be used to a high standard commercially and it also has an appealing DIY aesthetic – something that has been used for many years in underground scenes and subcultures to create movie posters, flyers, album sleeves and t-shirts.

We can work on single sessions or longer term projects. We can also arrange exhibitions or showcases for projects in which the participants have the opportunity to lead.

Creative education

Our aim is to host sessions that inspire and educate. Through hands-on learning and experimentation, our work promotes the importance of confidence and self-worth gained through creativity. Participants explore ideas, development and nurture their individuality. The sessions provide creative practical skills and knowledge to raise aspirations and achievements.

Screen printing can be used to create a diverse range of artwork and can be adapted to cover a variety of topics and themes. Sessions can be geared to all ages, abilities and group sizes. The process has a primary hands-on approach with immediate results.

Bespoke Service

Every session is tailored to suit the requirements and needs of your group. If you would like us to work alongside a curriculum or a project we can discuss what is appropriate for you, otherwise you can leave it to us to theme the sessions.

All of our facilitators are trained in various practices; this means we can offer a variety of options incorporated within our sessions. Are you interested in social enterprise projects, fashion, textiles, printmaking or photography or have an idea for a workshop but not sure how to put it into action?  Please get in touch; we can make your ideas happen.

Our sessions are held at Islington Mill Studios in Salford or Z-Arts in Hulme or we can deliver sessions at your venue and all of our artists hold a full DBS checks.

For further information and prices please contact us – [email protected]