Direct To Garment Printing

Direct to garment or DTG printing is a digital based printing technique.  It works like a normal paper printer with a print head that moves over the surface of the garment.

This new technology allows us to print full colour images on a variety of garments with no minimum order.  This is perfect for clothing brands, prototyping and multi-coloured artwork.

We can print on a variety of garments including t-shirts, jumpers, hoods and tote bags.  Using a pre-tretment solution we can print on to coloured fabrics using white ink as an under base to the colour.

Epson F2100 Printer

We use an Epson F2100 direct to garment printer.  We have always been impressed by the print quality from Epson printers with our digital and giclee printing services.  They are reliable and give the best quality and colour profiles.  We pride ourselves on quality printed garments so choosing Epson for the DTG printer was a given.

DTGMCR Website

We have launched a new website solely dedicated to DTG printing called DTGMCR.  On this site you can design and order your garments directly.  There is also an online shop to buy artists and designers work.  If you would like to be included to the online shop, drop us a call or email.

We will always be screen printers at one69A.  It is our favorite medium and it is how we became artists and business owners.  We will always offer a screen printing service.  The DTG printer allows us to offer another type of product to more people.