What is distribution and fulfillment ?

Distribution and fulfillment is when we take care of your customers order from start to finish.  We get sent a job or order and we print it on whatever garment or paper type you would like. The item gets wrapped and ready to be posted and we post it out for you.  All you need to do is send us the order.  Simple!


Who is distribution and fulfillment for?

Distribution and fulfillment is for anyone that needs screen printing, DTG printing or digital printing and sells their item through the internet.  We have already printed and distributed for many people and industries including:

Bands, DJ’s, Record Labels, Artists, Designers, Restaurants, Cafes, Festivals, Clothing Labels.

It is for anyone that has anything to printable to sell, from a few orders a month up to hundreds per month.  We can help any business or person out from big to small.


How distribution and fulfillment works:

There are two ways that our distribution service works.

The first is to order a stock of garments that we store in the studio and distribute when you receive an order from your online store.  This option works well with screen printing as the price per garment costs less when ordering larger numbers.  Once you get an order in, send it to us and we will do the rest.

The second option is for us to print the garment or product when you get an order.  All you need to do is forward the order to us and we print it to the specification you have provided.   This works better with DTG printing as it works with small runs and multiple colours.

If you are selling digital paper prints we will print to order on your chosen paper.

All items being distributed can be sent out in custom packaging.  Whether that being branded tissue paper for Giclee prints or additional stickers in with a t-shirt order.  We can add whatever you provide us.


Online Store Front

If you do not have your own online store we can provide a page on our DTGMCR website:  www.dtgmcr.com

If you do have a store front, we can still put your products on our online store so there is another location for you to sell.


Who we work with:

The lineup of people we currently work with covers various activities.  Recently we worked with the Manchester based soul crew, Children of Zeus on their new t-shirt range.  We have regular contact with Chunky who sells a lot of t-shirts through the DTGMCR website.

Record labels Red Laser Disco and Dub Smugglers Soundsystem sell regularly through us and we distribute through their Bandcamp pages.

We work with Richard Shields, Moderate Realism and Leah Witton who are all artists and designers.  Printing and distributing various artworks and garments for each of these people.

We also work with street clothing label Habits Corp and drag queen Cheddar Gorgeous.  A large range of different people, garments and printing.



If you are interested in our distribution and fulfillment services please get in contact with us on [email protected]