Palace Hotel Wallpapers / Jermyn

Wallpaper 1 – The Roadhouse. For the first 14 days of September I installed wallpaper on the streets of Manchester for the buildup to the opening of the Refuge.  The first instalment was outside my favourite club that had now sadly been shut down, The Roadhouse.

img_8355 img_8357

Wallpaper 2 – Canal Street

img_8386 img_8389 img_8390


Wallpaper 3 – Levenshulme

img_8436 img_8444-1 img_8461


Wallpaper 4 – Castlefield

img_8470 img_8479


Wallpaper 5 – Fallowfield

img_8510 img_8544


Wallpaper 6 –

img_8567 img_8570


Wallpaper 7 – Old BBC Site

img_8626-1 img_8640


Wallpaper 8 – Victoria Station

img_8610 img_8693-1

Wallpaper 9 – Lincoln Square

img_8776 img_8781

Wallpaper 10 – Cornerhouse

img_8918-1 img_8928

Design MCR Exhibition / Jermyn

While I was away on tour I got asked to exhibit at the 10×10 exhibition for DesignMCR.  I was researching Chaos Theory while on the beach and tried to work out how I could put chaos into my design work.  I managed this by creating some patterns then really quickly deleting lines off the patterns to add that element of randomness.  I started reading about the philosophical term Qualia as part of the Chaos Theory and a line jumped out at me:

Qualia – Individual Instances of Subjective, Conscious Experience.

The exhibition was sponsored by GF Smith paper so I ordered in some lovely 270gsm stock.  The weekend after getting back I printed the work then got the line about Qualia laser cut out of acrylic mirror.

Thanks to Jody Hartley Photography for coming down and shooting the work.