Tale of Two Cities / Grow Wild / Kew Gardens

We have been working on the Tale of Two Cities for the past 18th months to deliver a series of projects in Manchester and Liverpool to raise awareness of the importance of re introducing native wild flowers.

We have worked in both secondary and primary schools, community groups and the public at the National Wildflower Centre. We created textile based artwork which told the stories of the Tale of Two Cities and the Lost Tribes of Everton which has been exhibited in Liverpool, Everton and Manchester.

The final outcomes featured designs which were created using a combination of processes including collage, illustration, lino prints and screen printing. Some of this work has been exhibited as stand alone textile pieces, others have been made into a prototype product range which will be going into prodcution early next year with the aim to make the project self sustainable.

As part of the Liverpool Buisness Festival, several of the designs were also selected to decorate one of 20 beach huts on the docks which housed a mini gallery for the project throughout August.

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IGNITE / Artists in Schools – Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Ignite, Artists in Schools – Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I have recently been awarded the Ignite Artists in Schools bursary by the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The Ignite Artist in Schools programme is an annual bursary scheme for artists developing their career to work with children of all ages and abilities including those with learning and /or emotional difficulties. The residencies promote learning outside the classroom, giving schools the opportunity to work with a different artist each year. It also gives teaching staff the opportunity to gain new creative skills to embed within their teaching practice.

I will work with over 20 schools in the Wakefield district and this blog will document the yearlong journey starting in October 2013 and culminating in a celebration event at the park in July 2014. In addition to working with schools, I will also create a printmaking toolkit for educators, which will provide a legacy to this project.

My residencies will be based on the world of printmaking. We will learn traditional methods as well exploring experimental techniques and ideas.

The aim of every residency is to engage pupils creatively and to give them freedom of expression through taking part in a creative activity.

We will embark on a journey through textures, shapes, colours and patterns.

The sounds, sights and smells of nature and the world around us will provide inspiration for our work. From the banality of everyday objects to the hidden beauty in decay, I will be encouraging pupils to observe the world from a different perspective.

I plan to use the park and the artwork in the park as a continual point of reference and inspiration as I feel that this place is so rich and diverse. It relates directly back to a main element of the residency where we can observe these textures, shapes, colours and patterns juxtaposed with nature.

If you want to find out more about the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, you can visit their website or even better still, get over to West Bretton and check it our for yourself, it’s a magical place!

More updates to come in October.

Exciting times!