TXLW Japan Print

Tiger Child to raise money for Japan has been lovingly turned into a 5 colour screenprint that was printed by one69a at Islington Mill.

There are only 4 available!!!!

1 will be sent to INK for Aid in Leeds Which looks like its going to be a pretty big event! The work will be displayed in an exhibition on Monday 25th April…bank holiday vibes with music, food and live drawing. Pre-opening party is the 21st.

The other 1 will be sent to Papergirlmcr in Manchester Where it will be up for sale in Common bar from the 31st March – 6th April. The opening is the 31st at 6pm so come on down and have a bevvie.

The other 2 prints will be available to buy from me, so please give me an email eyup@thecolouringbox.co.uk if your interested.