The Whitworth / Andy Warhol

We have recently been over at the Whitworth to deliver professional development sessions  inspired by the Artists Rooms: Andy Warhol exhibition currently on display on the gallery.  We are looking forward to more of these & getting to work with other fantastic educators.

The exhibition is on until 16th April 2017 and we highly recommend taking a look.

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Tale of Two Cities / Grow Wild / Kew Gardens

We have been working on the Tale of Two Cities for the past 18th months to deliver a series of projects in Manchester and Liverpool to raise awareness of the importance of re introducing native wild flowers.

We have worked in both secondary and primary schools, community groups and the public at the National Wildflower Centre. We created textile based artwork which told the stories of the Tale of Two Cities and the Lost Tribes of Everton which has been exhibited in Liverpool, Everton and Manchester.

The final outcomes featured designs which were created using a combination of processes including collage, illustration, lino prints and screen printing. Some of this work has been exhibited as stand alone textile pieces, others have been made into a prototype product range which will be going into prodcution early next year with the aim to make the project self sustainable.

As part of the Liverpool Buisness Festival, several of the designs were also selected to decorate one of 20 beach huts on the docks which housed a mini gallery for the project throughout August.

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Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art / Compassionate Communities

As part of the CFCCA’s 30th Anniversary & Compassionate Communities Project, we worked with elderly residents of Your Tung Sing Housing Group and members of the Wai Yin Society Women’s Group to create an exhibition in response to the theme of memory.

During a series of workshops over a period of 3 months, we explored how everyday objects evoke a constellation of memories and capture fleeting moments from the past. This involved working with translators and using a variety of methods including collage, written, photography, audio and dictated documentation.

The final outcome for the public exhibition at the CFCCA featured 3 giant beanbags made from fabric, which featured screen printed extracts of text from documented memories of the participants. The exhibition also featured an audio recording of participants reflecting on their memories and objects in English, Chinese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

As a counterpoint to the timeline featured in the main exhibition at the CFCCA, the intangible nature of memories means they are quite often illusory and hold no concept of chronology.  This exhibition aimed to recreate the experience of how memories have their own separate life and can change across time and with perspective. We invited visitors to immerse themselves in the memories of others by sinking into the beanbags and listening to the surrounding audio.

We also delivered a series of “pass it on” workshops where members of the Wai Yin group taught workshops and shared skills to the Your Tung Sing residents with our support.

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Design MCR Exhibition / Jermyn

While I was away on tour I got asked to exhibit at the 10×10 exhibition for DesignMCR.  I was researching Chaos Theory while on the beach and tried to work out how I could put chaos into my design work.  I managed this by creating some patterns then really quickly deleting lines off the patterns to add that element of randomness.  I started reading about the philosophical term Qualia as part of the Chaos Theory and a line jumped out at me:

Qualia – Individual Instances of Subjective, Conscious Experience.

The exhibition was sponsored by GF Smith paper so I ordered in some lovely 270gsm stock.  The weekend after getting back I printed the work then got the line about Qualia laser cut out of acrylic mirror.

Thanks to Jody Hartley Photography for coming down and shooting the work.

IGNITE / Hendal Lane Primary School

My visit to Hendal Lane was inspired by the art and architecture of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

We discussed the symbolism in Hundertwasser’s paintings and architecture  and his connection to nature and what that means to us.  We explored the relevance of the phenomenal spiral which he includes in most of his work and how this symbol is also reflected in nature.  Colour was also a really important part of his work and we experimented with warm and cool bright colours.

Foundation stage experimented with relief and mono printing to make Hundertwasser inspired flower windmills which will be exhibited in the garden.

Years 1 and 2 explored mono printing and poly printing which will then be made into Hundertwasser style collages.

Years 3 – 6 screen printed their own fabric which was inspired by the phenomenal spiral.  These fabric prints will be made into a large exhibition in the school hall.

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IGNITE / South Parade Primary School

The new year started with a return trip to South Parade Primary School, this time we made screen prints based on the seasons to add to the large scale exhibition in the school hall.

In addition to our prints, we also worked in groups to create giant paper quilts which featured mind maps of each season.

Once again, the work produced was fantastic!

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