Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art / Compassionate Communities

As part of the CFCCA’s 30th Anniversary & Compassionate Communities Project, we worked with elderly residents of Your Tung Sing Housing Group and members of the Wai Yin Society Women’s Group to create an exhibition in response to the theme of memory.

During a series of workshops over a period of 3 months, we explored how everyday objects evoke a constellation of memories and capture fleeting moments from the past. This involved working with translators and using a variety of methods including collage, written, photography, audio and dictated documentation.

The final outcome for the public exhibition at the CFCCA featured 3 giant beanbags made from fabric, which featured screen printed extracts of text from documented memories of the participants. The exhibition also featured an audio recording of participants reflecting on their memories and objects in English, Chinese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

As a counterpoint to the timeline featured in the main exhibition at the CFCCA, the intangible nature of memories means they are quite often illusory and hold no concept of chronology.  This exhibition aimed to recreate the experience of how memories have their own separate life and can change across time and with perspective. We invited visitors to immerse themselves in the memories of others by sinking into the beanbags and listening to the surrounding audio.

We also delivered a series of “pass it on” workshops where members of the Wai Yin group taught workshops and shared skills to the Your Tung Sing residents with our support.

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