IGNITE / Street House Primary School

My visit to Street House Primary School was inspired by the Jungle Paintings of Henri Rousseau.  We made screen prints onto fabric of animals, plants and flowers which will then be made into an installation in the school.

Photographs of the finished installation to follow soon!


DSC04437 DSC04440 DSC04445 DSC04447 DSC04450 DSC04454 img-408133847-0001 img-408133924-0001



IGNITE / Hendal Lane Primary School

My visit to Hendal Lane was inspired by the art and architecture of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

We discussed the symbolism in Hundertwasser’s paintings and architecture  and his connection to nature and what that means to us.  We explored the relevance of the phenomenal spiral which he includes in most of his work and how this symbol is also reflected in nature.  Colour was also a really important part of his work and we experimented with warm and cool bright colours.

Foundation stage experimented with relief and mono printing to make Hundertwasser inspired flower windmills which will be exhibited in the garden.

Years 1 and 2 explored mono printing and poly printing which will then be made into Hundertwasser style collages.

Years 3 – 6 screen printed their own fabric which was inspired by the phenomenal spiral.  These fabric prints will be made into a large exhibition in the school hall.

DSC03013 DSC03029 DSC03044 DSC04368 DSC04370 DSC04377 DSC04393 DSC04396 DSC04397 DSC04403 DSC04413 DSC04422

IGNITE / Carlton J&I School

During my week at Carlton J&I we wanted to create items to sell and decorate the stall at the schools summer fete; we also want to make a large 2D elm tree to reflect the schools logo.  The overarching theme for the work as well as including the school emblem was local nature particularly as Frickley Park is nearby and has a strong connection with the school.

We used rich vibrant colours of plants, trees and flowers and looked a the work of Angie Lewin for inspiration.  We also collected leaves and practiced some drawing from observation.

We made screen printed bunting with year 3, lino and relief printed greetings cards and postcards with year 4.  Year 5/6 made two giant elm trees from screen printed fabric and year 6 screen printed tote bags and tea towels featuring the elm tree and school moto.

The school are certainly well prepared for a stall bursting at the seams with handprinted treats!

DSC04266 DSC04267 DSC04276 DSC04279 DSC04282 DSC04308 DSC04314 DSC04315 DSC04326 DSC04334 DSC04338 DSC04354 DSC04355 DSC04357 DSC04359

CIRCUIT / Whitworth Young Contemporaries

We have been getting our print on at ProjektsMCR and the Powerhouse as part of the Circuit project for the Whitworth Art Gallery

Circuit is a new national project led by Tate transforming how young people 15-25 interact with and think about art galleries.  Whitworth Art Gallery is one of eight participating galleries, setting out on a journey to engage young people

A team of total diamonds have been working on this project so far…check out this video by Jody Hartley 



Photos courtesy of Ben Williams

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IGNITE / West Bretton Primary School

The workshops at West Bretton Primary School focused on their expedition to Lesotho in 2015.  We made prints inspired by african textiles onto tote bags and tea towels that will be sold to raise funds for the trip.  Copies of each printed item were also made so they can also be exhibited in school.

In addition to this, we made prints onto fabric that focused on the contrasting landscape between Wakefield and Lesotho, particularly focusing on trees as this directly relates to the issue of permaculture in Lesotho and the importance of planting trees (the school will be planting trees during their trip).

These fabric prints will be made into two murals, one of which will stay at school and the other will be given as a gift to the exchange school in Lesotho.

Brilliant work!

DSC04194 DSC04196 DSC04208 DSC04210 DSC04212 DSC04218 DSC04219 DSC04220 DSC04245


First Job of 2014

Happy New Year.  After a lovely Christmas break we are back in the studio raring to go.  The first job of the year is some business cards for Igloo Regeneration.  We have printed a few sets of business cards for Igloo in the past so this was a straight forward black water based ink on Colourplan Factory Yellow 350gsm paper.  We printed these on sheets of A3 and got them cut down at the print finishers.


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Moor Allerton Primary School / Centenary Celebrations

We spent 3 days at Moor Allerton Preparatory School in West Didsbury to work with every pupil (all 237 of them!) to create work to celebrate their centenary year.

Using elements of the interior and exterior of the school itself, from architecture to floor tiles to the school bell,  we made pop art prints onto fabric which as you can see are super!

The younger children explored mono printing, relief printing and lino printing also inspired by these elements which was equally as exciting.

The fabric prints are to be stitched together to create a large scale piece which will not only be on permanent display in school but it will also feature as the backdrop for the schools summer performance at the stockport plaza.  The rest of the prints will be exhibited around school with one additional piece in the main reception.

A big thank you to everyone at Moor Allerton who helped make this project possible and to all the parents that came to help too. Everyone including ourselves had a fantastic 3 days.

“The buzz in the art room last week was clearly evident as the children busied themselves in the printing process. There were wows of delight and open mouths as the children’s prints revealed themselves. Sally did a wonderful job at giving all the children the chance to succeed and experiment. Bringing the experts in was a great inspiration for our budding young artists.”                 

Amanda Rooth-Geupel – Arts Co Ordinator / Teacher


DSC04007 DSC04003 DSC04001 DSC04000 DSC03998 DSC03996 DSC03995 DSC03994 DSC03977 DSC03974 DSC03971 DSC03966 DSC03965 DSC03964 DSC03962 DSC03960 DSC03958 DSC03955

Z-Arts / Bird Installation

We worked with a group of staff from MACE who choose one day a year to volunteer with a charity, this year they chose ZArts.

To say thank you for their help, ZArts invited them along to our workshop to create screen printed origami birds which formed part of a permanent installation in one of the main theatre corridors.

Thank you to Ben the very tall superstar from ZArts who helped get the birds to the top of the wall!

To see the full installation, feel free to pop in and say hello and keep your eyes peeled for this piece of colourful loveliness.

1 3 2


IGNITE / Oyster Park Primary School

During a two day residency with Oyster Park Primary School, I worked with both classes from year 4.

Our aim was to make work which could be displayed in the communal area of the classroom and our inspiration was the work of William Morris.

After looking at examples and discussing his work, we embarked on collage making by deconstructing and re constructing photocopies of his work to make our own William Morris style pieces.

This task prior to printing was important as we learnt about repeat pattern, composition, symmetry and our colour palette. It was also a good exercise in dexterity as there was a lot of accurate cutting required.

Once we had explored lots of inspiration and ideas, everyone created stencils and screen printed their designs onto fabric.

Lots of parents came along to help with the sessions and the teachers were brill, everyone got stuck in which was super!

DSC03949 DSC03946 DSC03937 DSC03936 DSC03935 DSC03934 DSC03932 DSC03931  DSC03928 DSC03927 DSC03924 DSC03922 DSC03920 DSC03915 DSC03914 DSC03913