Un-Conventional Women

A competition was launched by Un-Convention to design a poster for the event, we selected the winner and 100 A3 limited edition prints were screen printed on the day.

About Un-Conventional Women…

Un-Conventional Women was launched at The Great Hall, Manchester Town Hall on Sunday 4th March with a day where an album was recorded produced and released with an entirely female crew. The album sleeve was designed, posters screen printed and websites created. The idea is to demystify the recording process.

Un-Conventional Women aimed to inspire and support a new generation of women in music and the media: to celebrate the achievements and contribution women make, and address openly the inequalities they must overcome in doing so. Un-Conventional Women challenged the difficulties faced by each new generation of musicians, broadcasters and creators, and have the conversations that are so often left unspoken.

For more info about Un-Convention, go to http://unconventionhub.org/

Excellent photos courtesy of Karen McBride, to see her work, please visit http://karenmcbride.com/