Tuesday’s 26th February, 5th, 12th & 19th March / 6pm – 9pm

£170.00 – Sold out

This 4 session course introduces and explores photo screen printing.

You will have the opportunity to translate digital designs, collages, illustrations and photographs into screen prints .

You will learn how to print two colour designs onto card stock and single colour designs onto textiles and card stock. There will be a range of fabric, papers, card, tshirts and tote bags for you to use within the course fee and you will be encouraged to explore and experiment printing onto different materials.

In addition to the screen printing itself, you will also learn other important steps required in order to make successful prints including coating and reclaiming screens, exposing and preparing screens and mixing inks.

The course is a good introduction to screen printing and allows you to get to grips with a basic understanding of the process.

It is also a great starting point to show you how simple it can be to build a basic screen printing set up in your studio or at home.

The course is suitable for ages 16 +  including complete beginners through to more experienced artists and designers wishing to broaden their practice.



Saturday 16th  and Sunday 17th February / 10am – 5pm

£170.00 – Sold Out

During this course you will learn a variety of  techniques including photo, stencil, mono and illustrative screen printing to create large panels of handprinted fabric.

You will be guided through formal, experimental and expressive design approaches and have the opportunity to create completely original prints which explore colour, pattern and texture.

On completion of the course, you will leave with a selection of fabric panels in a variety of sizes all of which will be wash fast and ready to be use as you wish.

Your fabric will also be suitable to use in conjunction with some of our other workshops and courses such as the simple jacket, smock dress and beginning to sew.

The course is suitable for adults aged 16 + and any ability



with Julia Roy-Williams (WONDERHAUS)

Saturday 9th March  / 11am – 5pm

£80.00 – Full details and booking here

In this workshop, you will screen print your own piece of laser cut ply wood exploring a range of colours textures and patterns.

You will also have the opportunity to screen print a mini tote bag in which to carry your completed collection.

In addition to a range of basic fastenings and joining techniques, you will learn two basic macramé knots – the vertical larks head and

the halfsquare knot with which you will be able to incorporate macramé detailing to your collection.

There will be a selection of brightly coloured paracord ropes to choose from and all necklaces will be finished with a laser cut WONDERHAUS fastener.

This course is suitable for ages 16+ and any ability



Saturday 6th April 2019 / 11am – 2pm

£40.00 – Full details and booking here

Using silk screens, water based inks and hand cut stencils, you will have the opportunity to screen print your own designs to create a one of a kind, bespoke tshirt.

You will also have the option of printing onto a tote bag instead if a tshirt isn’t your thing.

We provide everything you need including demonstrating how to make your own designs but if you have something of your own in mind please make sure it is printed onto regular

copier paper and in a simple silhouette format which will enable you to cut them into a stencil with a craft knife.

If you are looking to get to grips with the lo fi method of screen printing, then this workshop is for you.

After spending an afternoon with us, you will leave with the confidence and top tips to start your own DIY printing at home.

This course is suitable for ages 16+ and any ability



Tuesday 9th April 2019 / 7pm – 9.30pm

£35.00 – Full details and booking here

Using a range of colours including metallics and fluorescent inks, you will explore traditional marble printing as a process to create

surface pattern designs onto a range of fine art papers, cards and fabric

You will create original one of a kind prints that you can use for collage, stationary, decoupage or just to keep as stand alone, one of a kind prints.

All materials are provided but you are welcome to bring your own paper and card if you have something specific you would like to try out.

This workshop is suitable for ages 16+ and any ability



Saturday 27th April 2019 / 11am – 2pm

£40.00 – Full details and booking here

Explore the basic techniques of gel plate printing to create prints onto fabric, paper and card stock.

We will use objects found in nature to create delicate relief prints, which reflect the fragility of plants and flowers.

You will also have the opportunity to use a range of other objects to create textures and patterned surface print.

All materials are provided but you are welcome to bring your own items to print with – please ensure they are lightweight objects ie flowers, feathers, lace etc.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about suitable items to bring.

What our students say…

“I enjoyed the course so much the first time that I have just completed it for the second time. The course style is informal & informative. Sally is a great tutor. She encourages and recognises individual styles and strengths and helps when needed but also gives each student confidence to work independently.”

“I’m a graphic designer and was looking for a way to widen my skill set and the course was a perfect introduction to a new way of printing. Not only that, it was really good, hands-on fun and engaging. It gave me so much inspiration for further projects that I didn’t want it to end.”

“I have just finished the course and absolutely loved it! I didn’t have any previous printing experience but I have learned so much in such a short space of time. I feel well equipped and armed with enough skills to be able to set up my own basic screen printing workshop at home. The sessions were super organised and the atmosphere was really friendly and relaxed. Loved it!”

“I really enjoyed the screen printing course. Sally was fab, she’s really friendly and explains the process in such a way, it’s really easy to understand. I loved every moment of it and I got to produce some really good work. If you’re interested in screen printing, then this course is definitely for you.”