Cheryl passes through!

Cheryl was chosen for a live-in artist residency at Islington Mill, and shes here until early June to bring the party,

“Whether it takes the form of thematic costuming, compulsive eating, or dance-floor group choreography, RITUAL is an ongoing motif of CHERYL’s work. During the residency at Islington Mill, CHERYL will be using the Royal Family’s age-old traditions as inspiration for exploring new possibilities of ritual and ceremony. The first floor gallery will be transformed into an immersive environment throughout the residency; visitors will be engaged through participatory performances, video shoots and other interactive events.”

Cheryl fitted in like a lost sister at the Mill, her wild styles of exhibition arrangements and party set-ups really caught the attention of the residents and we couldn’t help but get involved with some of her printables. So Cheryl came through the studio for a little chin wag, and we ended up lending them some screens to do live printing outside during the Queens Jubilee celebrations in the streets of Salford.

The picture on here is a little thank you note from the crew, but check out Cheryl’s website here, and the videos section for an idea of how bonkers they are!

Thanks, we’d love to see you again very soon!

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