Sounds from the Other City Billboard.

SFTOC crew some how acquired permissions to advertise their up-coming Salford based music festival on this otherwise dormant billboard, which is situated on Chapel Street, Salford. An extremely busy commute route for thousands of people everyday, and thus prime real estate for advertising a festival in the area.

The gallery below explains the process pretty well,

The billboard paper had the outline detail digitally printed via the A0 printer, these outlines were then filled and painted by hand.

Next a quick tester on the Mill’s front, seeing how well the wallpaper paste grips the heavy paper, with everyone happy we set about getting it up!

A day or two later, SFTOC crew came through again with some mobile scaff’ and the lads trollied it over the cobbles to the billboard.

With the tension and trepidation of a broad daylight guerrilla mission over head, the crew got on with the mammoth task of assembling the pieces atop a rickety tin structure whilst covered in what can only be likened to 90s Saturday morning TV junk.

A good 4 hours later, it’s up in all its shiny glory, inviting people to the wonders of Sounds from the Other City at the weekend.

Thanks for helping out;

Fraser Chapman

David Bailey Illustration

Adam Jacques

Nick Saxby

Sounds from the Other City