IGNITE / West Bretton Primary School

The workshops at West Bretton Primary School focused on their expedition to Lesotho in 2015.  We made prints inspired by african textiles onto tote bags and tea towels that will be sold to raise funds for the trip.  Copies of each printed item were also made so they can also be exhibited in school.

In addition to this, we made prints onto fabric that focused on the contrasting landscape between Wakefield and Lesotho, particularly focusing on trees as this directly relates to the issue of permaculture in Lesotho and the importance of planting trees (the school will be planting trees during their trip).

These fabric prints will be made into two murals, one of which will stay at school and the other will be given as a gift to the exchange school in Lesotho.

Brilliant work!

DSC04194 DSC04196 DSC04208 DSC04210 DSC04212 DSC04218 DSC04219 DSC04220 DSC04245