Jermyn makes his artwork under the pseudonym of Moderate Realism.

Wine + Wallop Mural / Jermyn

My very good friend Justin is opening a new bar in Didsbury that had a large wall going down the ginnel. I suggested creating a mural to go up there. He said yes. What I created was based around the … more

Vera Street Art / Jermyn

I got asked by the guys at Wellington Mill to decorate one of their boards at the Paint Jam. That weekend I had some terrible news that a good friend of mine had died in a car accident. This piece … more

Vera Banner / Jermyn

My immediate reaction to hearing the tragic news of a friends death was to create. My brain was scrammbleds, trying to work out something that cannot be worked out, the whole situation is pure chaos.

Sub-Station / Northern Quarter / Jermyn

There was a spare wooden door on the Sub Station on Tib Street in the Northern Quarter so I filled it with a tripped out logo fest.

Cath Kidston on Acid / Jermyn

For Christmas I was wondering what would be the best thing to make.  The women of my family always talk about getting something new from Kath Kidston so I set myself the brief to create a pattern and make as … more

Design MCR Exhibition / Jermyn

While I was away on tour I got asked to exhibit at the 10×10 exhibition for DesignMCR.  I was researching Chaos Theory while on the beach and tried to work out how I could put chaos into my design work. … more

3 Monkeys Wallpaper / Jermyn

I came down to Todmorden a month ago and met Gig who owns the 3 Wise Monkeys Bar and Thai Resturant.  She gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted with the bar.  The following day I spent 16 … more

MTK001 Dub Vampire / Jermyn

The first release on Moderate Twat Kissa Records is Dub Vampire with Lying Mother Fu**er Check out the first recording on Soundcloud, will have the 7″ record ready in shops in a couple of months.  Gonna be big!!  

Pussy Riot T-shirts / Jermyn

We were asked to do some poster artwork for a Pussy Riot fundraiser at Kraak gallery. Five minutes of design time pulled together a bitmapped image of Putin with red pussy and lips. We got such a massive responce on … more

Suki’s Room: Experiments with UV ink / Jermyn

Experimenting in the gallery space with UV inks mixed with medium. By printing directly onto the wall & lighting the room with a black light Suki’s room had a very surreal feel to it, We had lots of fun experimenting … more