Jermyn makes his artwork under the pseudonym of Moderate Realism.

Palace Hotel Wallpapers / Jermyn

Wallpaper 1 – The Roadhouse. For the first 14 days of September I installed wallpaper on the streets of Manchester for the buildup to the opening of the Refuge.  The first instalment was outside my favourite club that had now sadly … more

Swag / Jermyn

I am part of a collective that has been given a shop in Manchesters Northern Quarter in the runup to Christmas.  Making went into overdrive with a 4m x 2m window display / art installation.

Bun the Tories / Jermyn

The proceeds for each t-shirt sold will be given to a local Manchester homeless charity and the money will be handed over while the Tory Party hold their conference in Manchester between 4th and 7th October. Help the homeless and … more

Bjork Exhibition / Jermyn

After party / exhibition from Bjork’s 2015 Manchester International Festival show

Ordering Chaos / Jermyn

A collection of new works from Tasha Whittle and Jermyn inspired by pi(3.14). Ordering Chaos is an idea inspired by embracing the chaotic nature of creating, reacting to sound, being present and the residence of each other within the Islington … more

3.14 pi / Jermyn

Ed said so

Moderate Courtyard Gallery

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