IGNITE / Street House Primary School

My visit to Street House Primary School was inspired by the Jungle Paintings of Henri Rousseau.  We made screen prints onto fabric of animals, plants and flowers which will then be made into an installation in the school. Photographs of … more

IGNITE / Hendal Lane Primary School

My visit to Hendal Lane was inspired by the art and architecture of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. We discussed the symbolism in Hundertwasser’s paintings and architecture  and his connection to nature and what that means to us.  We explored the relevance of … more

IGNITE / Carlton J&I School

During my week at Carlton J&I we wanted to create items to sell and decorate the stall at the schools summer fete; we also want to make a large 2D elm tree to reflect the schools logo.  The overarching theme … more

IGNITE / Wakefield Express

One69A reaches celebrity status in Wakefield!

IGNITE / West Bretton Primary School

The workshops at West Bretton Primary School focused on their expedition to Lesotho in 2015.  We made prints inspired by african textiles onto tote bags and tea towels that will be sold to raise funds for the trip.  Copies of … more

IGNITE / St Joseph’s RC Primary School

During the 4 days I spent at St Joseph’s, I worked with every class to make beautiful birds to decorate their school. We started by screen printing positive affirmations of our choice, photocopies of these prints were made and these … more

IGNITE / South Parade Primary School

The new year started with a return trip to South Parade Primary School, this time we made screen prints based on the seasons to add to the large scale exhibition in the school hall. In addition to our prints, we … more

IGNITE / Oyster Park Primary School

During a two day residency with Oyster Park Primary School, I worked with both classes from year 4. Our aim was to make work which could be displayed in the communal area of the classroom and our inspiration was the … more

IGNITE / Cathedral Academy

I spent a day at Cathedral Academy working with the Year 10 GCSE textile group.  The aim of our session was to create work which will be used as part of the group’s exam course work Landscapes were our focus … more

IGNITE / South Parade Primary School

The first residency for the IGNITE programme began with a fantastic four days at South Parade Primary School. I worked with years 1 to 6 to create screen printed pieces which will be used to decorate the school hall. Our … more